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Model C100 Product Line


Integrated Rugged Design. The DAI Model C100 product line is a highly integrated, remote monitoring solution which can be easily placed in your home, business, construction site, boat or other location. The C100 is unobtrusive, measuring just 4.5” X 3.5” X 1.25”, and may be either wall or table mounted only requiring access to an electrical outlet. Environmental sensors which monitor AC power and temperature are built into the handheld-size device; no wiring or tools are necessary. An optional built-in motion sensor even can alert you to break-ins.

Portability. Take any of the DAI Model C100 units wherever you want or need to use it. Today it’s used at your business, tomorrow it’s used at home when you take that weekend vacation. Remember, access to a telephone line is not required. Full alert capabilities from DAI do not change when you move your unit to a new location. Because it employs digital SMS transmission via the cellular control channel, DAI Model C100 units even work where cellular voice services are marginal or 3G cellular is not available.

Reliability. All DAI products are designed and made in the USA using the latest electronic components and processes. Our products are designed to work where you do, and are rated for use over a wide operating temperature range. In addition, DAI remotely verifies the functionality of your unit(s) once every 24 hours and alerts you immediately if there is a problem. Whether we call you or you call us, you always talk to someone in America. If electrical power is lost, a notification will be sent to you, while an internal 9v battery will keep the unit operational for up to 4 hours.

Alarm Management. The product uses Twitter or SMS to simplify setup and send alerts to your cell phone--just turn the C100 on, send one text message to register your phone, and you're connected. Begin receiving alerts on your cell phone whenever they occur! You can choose to have as many people as you like also receive alerts, to ensure redundant notifications in case you are unavailable—perfect for families with vacation homes.

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